Volunteers restoring a marsh
Visitors at a secluded beach

Green Infrastructure


Coastal Nitrogen Pollution

Cities and towns across the U.S. are grappling with more intense storm events and aging water infrastructure. While interest in using green infrastructure to solve these problems is growing, limited access to rigorous performance data presents a major barrier to adoption.



Coastal development and urbanization in New England is increasing, creating new challenges for maintaining clean water. We are collaborating with stakeholders to understand how to conserve water resources in the face of increasing development pressure.




  • Science Policy Exchange Comment
    Six key environmental regulations improve public health by protecting clean air and clean water, and the benefits exceed costs, report 14 leading scientists who signed a public comment with detailed information about the reasons to support the six regulations. The regulations are under threat from a proposed rule to roll-back regulations.
  • Science Policy Exchange Report
    Understanding the strengths and limits of green infrastructure is relevant and timely, according to a new report released by scientists from Syracuse University, the Cary Institute, and the Harvard Forest, in partnership with the Science Policy Exchange.