Six key environmental regulations improve public health by protecting clean air and clean water, and the benefits exceed costs.

We coordinated a group of 14 leading scientists who signed a public comment with detailed information about the reasons to support the six regulations. We submitted the comment the U.S. EPA during the comment period for the proposed rule "Evaluation of Existing Regulations.”

The six environmental regulations that collectively improve air and water quality, saving lives, with benefits that exceed costs are:  

  1. Clean Power Plan 
  2. Mercury and Air Toxics Standard
  3. Clean Water Rule
  4. Methane Rule 
  5. Cross-State Air Pollution Rule
  6. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) Standards

Key benefits of these regulations include:

  • 41 million people in 41 large U.S. cities would gain cleaner air under a policy like the Clean Power Plan.
  • 3500 premature deaths, 1000 hospitalizations, and hundreds of heart attacks from air pollution related illness would be avoided under a policy like the clean power plan.
  • The economic value of carbon standards like the Clean Power Plan far outweighs the costs on an annual basis. The net benefits, including the social cost of carbon, are estimated at $33 billion per year
  • The economic benefit of reducing mercury emissions under the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard is orders of magnitude larger than EPA estimated in 2011 and far exceeds the costs.