Scott Ollinger

Scott Ollinger

Ecosystem Ecology
Council Member 2012 - Present
University of New Hampshire


Scott Ollinger is a professor of Ecosystem Ecology and Remote Sensing at the University of New Hampshire.

He earned a Bachelor's degree in Ecology and Environmental Science from Purchase College and Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Natural Resources from the University of New Hampshire.

His research interests span a variety of topics within the fields of ecology and biogeochemistry including carbon and nitrogen cycling, forest productivity and succession, plant-soil interactions, remote sensing, ecosystem modeling and the effects of multiple environmental stressors on forests.

He is currently active in several research projects that involve a combination of field studies and modeling. His modeling activities have included regional analysis of forest productivity across the northeastern U.S. with particular emphasis on the effects of tropospheric ozone, nitrogen deposition, elevated CO2 and climate change.

Dr. Ollinger is also involved in a multi-investigator field and remote sensing campaign in New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest. The project is comprised of researchers from UNH and the U.S. Forest Service and is aimed at characterizing patterns of forest growth and nutrient status through the combined use of field measurements and hyperspectral remote sensing. Specific focus is placed on resolving relationships among canopy chemistry, nitrogen cycling and forest growth and understanding the relative influence of factors such as species composition, historical land use and soil properties.