Institutional partners in the SPE make an annual contribution to SPE and in return participate in our high-impact model for influential science with potential for increased funding, professional development and training opportunities, and synthetic research papers that are highly cited. 

  • SPE has collectively raised $5.70 in new funds for every $1 dollar in partner dues to advance policy-relevant synthesis, outreach, and science communication for a total of $2 million. 
  • With this investment, we’ve collectively published 16 reports and peer-reviewed papers in top journals (an average of four publications per year).
  • Through our strategic communication, SPE projects have attracted widespread media coverage, with more than 1000 media stories in print, television, radio and online outlets.
  • To achieve these results, we are engaging with an increasing number of stakeholders and policymakers to advance science-based solutions to environmental challenges, reaching 250 leaders in 2016. 
  • This work has been fueled by our growing network of leading scientists including the 60 researchers who have authored SPE publications, gaining professional development and highly cited research in the process.