The NELF Explorer team at Harvard Forest is hosting a monthly discussion group via Zoom to discuss how to apply scenarios and indicators of change to review and update conservation plans, strategies, and actions. The next meeting will be on Tuesday June 16, 2020 at 11:30am.

Meeting information and notes from past meetings are available on the NELF Lunch Chat website

The most recent discussion was on May 19, 2020. The discussion began with a brief refresher on the scenarios and the indicators of change. These indicators reflect the uncertainty and changes New Englanders are experiencing in our everyday lives in these uncertain times. Then discussion was organized around the following prompts.


Discussion Prompts


    Consider your goals and activities in the context of the prompts below (adapted from the National Park Service):
    • Will your current strategy succeed should the world turn out like…
      • Go it Alone?
      • Connected Communities?
      • Growing Global?
      • Yankee Cosmopolitan? 
  1. Where are the most urgent actions to take in the present moment? Are there any current actions that you will stop taking?
  2. Should you:
    • Gamble on what appears to be the most probable outcome? OR 
    • Prepare a strategy to deal with several contingencies? 
  3. Are things so open that you can try to shape the future? What can you do to create a future that is more aligned with your vision, mission, and goals?  
  4. What aspects of your strategy should you keep under review? What are the indicators to monitor to decide whether your plan is working, or how and when to pivot?



  1. Scenario Signals: What indicators are you noticing in the news and in your life? View and Contribute to this tracking here.
  2. National Park Service Handbook, “Using Scenarios to Explore Climate Change
  3. NELF Scenarios:
  4. NELF Explorer:
  5. NELF Videos and Supporting Info: